Inflation is on the Rise – How Homeownership Can Help

Wooden home and coins balanced on a see-saw, depicting balanced home value.

Inflation may be on the rise, and buying a home may be one of the best ways to help stabilize some of your monthly expenses. That may be surprising news, given that U.S. inflation rates are the highest they’ve been since 1981 (8.6% in August 2022), according to the consumer price index (CPI). While our…

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Benefits of Using Your Builder’s Trusted Lender

A couple sitting at a table looking over mortgage paperwork with a trusted lender.

When buying a new home, we know it’s important to you – the homebuyer – to secure the best loan rates. One of the ways to do that is to work with the homebuilder’s trusted lender. A trusted lender is a mortgage company that partners with a residential home builder. That lender can be a…

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Mortgages 101

Image of a small wooden house sitting on a desk beside a home mortgage application.

When it comes to buying a home, we know that it seems like it comes with a much higher cost than renting. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. While there may be some larger, upfront costs to buying your home, there are also major financial and emotional benefits to going in that direction.…

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Mortgage Rate Buy Downs & Good Financial Decisions

Image of a woman with a home icon above her head and two cartoons thought bubbles on either side depicting two choices: “rent” or “buy”.

Buying a home is a big decision…and a big expense. And of course, there are many variables to consider when buying a new home. One of the biggest current variables is the rise in interest rates. While interest rates may be at a historic low, increases can have a huge impact on the affordability of…

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Mortgage Rate Buy Down Explained

Couple in real estate office having their mortgage rate buy down explained

There’s no doubt that purchasing a new home is important and choosing the right lender, community, and location – is crucial. When it comes down to getting a mortgage, you are obligated to pay for the advantage of borrowing money as well as the purchase price of your new home. It is no secret that…

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Top 5 Benefits of an HOA

A group of children playing on a playground in an HOA community.

When you consider purchasing a home within a Homeowners Association (HOA) for the first time, you likely have a lot of questions. The most commonly asked question being what are the benefits of living in an HOA community? First, it’s important to understand that no two HOAs are exactly alike. The amenities, common areas, the…

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The Benefits of Quick Delivery Homes

Image of a quick delivery home at The Flats at Ponderosa in Fernley, NV.

You’ve made the decision to buy a new home, but there’s only one problem — you’re ready to move NOW! Whether you’ve sold your home faster than expected or need to move quickly for a job, the start of a new school year, you’re in need of a new home — and fast! The solution:…

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A Guide to Finding Your Dream Home and Location

New home construction

Finding your dream home and new location takes time and careful consideration. There’s a lot to ponder during the home search process. It’s a thrilling experience, but it can also be a bit overwhelming with the number of tasks involved in finding that perfect home and a neighborhood that aligns with your lifestyle, budget, and…

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Spending your Golden Years in the Silver State

California retiree’s in their new Nevada Home

With its endless outdoor recreation, popular attractions, and unbeatable prices, it’s no secret why Northern Nevada is a retirement hotspot. Northern Nevada boasts serene views at Lake Tahoe, wide-open spaces, and the excitement of “The Biggest Little City in The World,” Reno. It’s home to world-class entertainment, five-star dining, and spacious accommodations. When comparing life…

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